Why Enable Group Purchases?

Using Sharified, your customers will create group purchases and invite others by sharing a group link through email or social media. Customers can also view existing - public - groups and join them.

Better Customer Experience

Increase your customer’s convenience by enabling immediate cost splitting; leading to more sales and returning customers.

Enable Group & Bulk Discounts

Sell more (or accelerate clearance campaigns) by offering group deals and providing a simple group purchase process.

Growth & Marketing

Turn one customer into multiple. Incentivize your existing traffic to market for you by offering easy-to-share group deals

Connect Your Customers

Don’t lose customers who only see the value in buying if joined with a group (e.x. group activities, bulk purchases); connect them with existing groups.

Use Cases

Explore what our customers are using Sharified for.
  • Group Bookings
  • Tickets
  • E-commerce
  • Gifting

Group Bookings

  • Provide better experience for event organizers:
    • immediate cost splitting
    • integrated planning tools (polls, surveys, chats)
    • ability for group members to customize package preferences individually
    • Group members can receive notification and updates directly from you

  • Other payers are now your customers and you have their information - not only the event organizer

  • Don't lose individual customers and incomplete groups; enable them to connect and form groups (maximize your sales)


  • Sell more and gain publicity by offering group deals, while making it easy for your customers to bring their friends onto the deal and split costs immediately

  • Enable customers to send purchase requests for tickets (e.x. requesting conference ticket from employer)


    • Enable customers to become eligible for deals and bulk discounts by inviting their friends to their carts and splitting costs immediately

    • Enable group members to customize purchases and receive updates individually

    • Provide an extra option to expensive shipping costs (split shipping by inviting friends to purchase or connecting with nearby customers)

    • Enable customers to send purchase requests

    • Accelerate clearance campaigns


    • Enable customers to split the cost of gifted items

    • Enable customers to send gift requests (e.x. wedding gifts, baby shower gifts)

    What you get with Sharified?

    Add Sharified "Group Purchase" button to your checkout process through an effortless integration process, and get all the following features..

    Immediate Cost Splitting

    Group members can pay individually for their purchases, eliminating the need to use third party peer-to-peer transfer solutions and the frustration of delayed transfers

    Convenient Coordination

    Eliminate hassles by communicating directly and individually with group members, and enabling members to coordinate using in-app features such as polls, chats and surveys.

    Social Feature

    Enable your customers to connect with existing local groups for the purpose of joining their group activities, joining deals/bulk purchases or splitting shipping costs

    Sharified Sales Channel

    Create a new traffic stream through Sharified dedicated group purchasing platform. Without any extra charge, simply offer group purchases to get featured on Sharified platform.

    Simple Pricing, Risk Free

    Sharified wants to alleviate any risk from your store. To that end, we have made our pricing plan reflect that.

    No subscription fee, no contracts!

    ShopShare does not charge a subscription fee or a contract period. ShopShare charges commission for sales made using our tool. We only get paid, if you get paid.
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